Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010 and More Snippets on Engagement

Hello All!

Sorry for the seeming radio silence - we got caught up with the holidays and I was particularly distracted by the host of excellent articles about leadership and branding that I've had a hard time deciding which to write about first.  It is a veritable horn of plenty!

One of the blogs I like to follow is John Ellett's - something I came across while I was surfing LinkedIn for new information and ideas.  I highly recommend reading his blog not only for the marketing insights but also for his comments on effective leadership.  I've learned a lot in the short time that I've been following him.

One particular item that resonated with me is "Have a love affair at work" where he references another lovely blog post about John Wooden, the famed UCLA coach with a winning percentage of 81%!!!  The ideas in here underscore further how critical it is to keep your employees engaged and how critical it is to give credit where it is due.  The very basis of John Wooden's success is the personal relationship he built with his players that complemented his role as coach. 

I've a host of other items to share with you so please continue to stay tuned.



p.s.  Do watch this ESPN interview of John Wooden about loyalty.  It's worth the Dick Vitale ad they force you to watch first!

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