Thursday, January 21, 2010

A New Look at Brand Marketing Principles - Part Three

And... we're back!

I've received some great comments via email and LinkedIn on the first two posts covering this topic: Create New Realities and Design Blindness.  Thanks!  If you missed those, you can read them here and here.  Today's post is the third in the series of five on this topic.  I really do recommend reading the original article in Adweek to give credit where it's due.

Becoming Brand Led

If we are not brand led, then our brand will be meaningless.  The premise in this part of the article is that while being all data driven in the delivery of what's "meaningful" there is the danger of losing "essence" of the brand and for what it stands.  The brand in addition to your exceptional product is what differentiates you: not solely one or the other.  Understanding and owning your brand allows you to drive the "right" types of innovation that fits what your company/product/service is about.

Here's a practical example: the Olympics start next month.  Imagine the opening ceremony of the Olympics with all of the majesty, pomp and circumstance that you would expect.  Everyone's pumped and excited to watch all of the athletes walk in the stadium.  What if the athletes still walked in by country but no one was carrying flags?  How would you tell one from the other?  How would you know which group is the bobsledding powerhouse versus which group is the curling powerhouse?  In this case, the flag is the representation of the country's athletic branding and the athletes are the "product" each country "brand" is offering.

That's all well and good...  

BUT.  there are truly some brands and products out there that I don't feel need the symbiotic relationship the article calls for: widgets, dishwashing gloves, ponytail holders.  

I'm sure there are others that don't need to be brand led - what would you say?  Let me know your thoughts on what you've read thus far.  Please send email or leave a comment on the bottom.

Stay Tuned for Part Four!


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